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Influencer Marketing Might Be the Next Big Marketing Tool


On Tuesday, November 12th, Global Intuition was excited to attend this year’s Digital Hollywood Fall, where our founder, Yi Zhou spoke on the panel: The Influencer Lifestyle: Defining Your Life- Your Voice- Your Future. She was joined by Shaine Griffin, Bruna Nessif, Greg Martin, Brendan Kane, and David Bloom discussing the rise of Tik Tok,the deletion of Instagram likes, brand partnerships and endorsements, etc.. But the largest topic was the influencer lifestyle and how significant influencers are to new age of Marketing.


As a multimedia artist artist and influencer in both the US and Chinese markets, Yi Zhou discussed how it’s important to reveal the “authentic self through an influencer’s post. “I connect with my audience with on an emotional level,” says Yi. “I don’t calculate data and algorithms on my social media because I want my audience to know there is a human behind my posts. I want to connect with my followers on a soulful level and distribute quality content where I can engage with my followers.”


As Yi discussed starting her career as a multimedia artist, content creation company, Yi Zhou Studio, and of course her newest venture Global Intuition, she talked about the importance of influencer marketing, and how collaborating with different influencers from Tik Tok has helped gain exposure for the soulful, luxury clothing brand and has helped capture the market she has always wanted to target (and that is the Gen Z and late Millennial market).


As a new minimal luxury fashion line, we believe in developing authentic partnerships and relationships with influencers and other brands. Our inspiration comes from the digital footprint of social media as well as the study of human interaction.


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