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Bouncing back from the virus impact : China fashion


Amid the anxiety about the alarming levels Covid-19 spread, there’s some hopeful news. Wuhan, the city where now global pandemic originated, is slowly returning to normal life after two months of most aggressive quarantine measures in China. Medical workers start to leave Wuhan for hometowns, businesses and shopping centers softly reopen, domestic flights in Hubei province resume— the full lockdown was lifted completely on April 8th. The reopening of Wuhan doesn’t mean a relaxing of epidemic prevention and control measures, but it’s a welcome ray of hope.

Emerging from the darkness of the covid-19 pandemic, It seems that industries in China are bouncing back, fashion included. Store traffic stats are recovering, and while some experts await «revenge shopping spree», others are asking wether the pandemic can reshape business of fashion completely. Can it be the chance to shift towards more conscious consumption and update practices like predictive, seasonal systems? Will live-stream shows, virtual catwalks, and immersive consumer experiences become a new normal? There’s no conclusive answer just yet. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, and hold on to the thought, that the virus is not going to stay forever.