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About Global Intuition


• Created by Italian Chinese Multimedia artist, filmmaker and influencer, Yi Zhou in summer 2019, Global Intuition is an American brand based in Los Angeles creating lines which are evergreen – in line with the idea of slow fashion and seasonless fashion we can recycle and re-wear at different stages of our lives. Rather than constantly coming out with new seasonal trends which only boost the idea of fast fashion, Global Intuition’s vision is to create key pieces which can be called upon by consumers whether it is next summer or 10 years from today. Global Intuition collaborates with sustainable companies in order to offer sustainable products and fabrics in order to pave a sustainable world for future generations. The idea is that these pieces - no matter the collection - contain styles which will have consumers wearing them time and time again. Global Intuition want to be at the forefront of the slow fashion revolution, and this can be clearly seen with the way they are disrupting the industry. Global Intuition promotes justice and inclusivity for all gender and aces, and has shot in
different campaigns influencers, models, real people of all races in order to show the love for all cultures and the inspiration they bring to creativity. With a propensity in highlighting female creativity and labor, Global Intuition supports some of the most prominents female led charity organizations with an awareness to the idea of the give back. Global Intuition can be shopped entirely online via as well as on amazon, and other digital stores such as tmall, taobao and redbox in Asia.

• The Brand’s first collection, the basic line, made jeans, tees and sneakers and cocktail dresses in line with the ever-popular social media styles and debuted at Fred Segal SUNSET in summer 2019 reflects these concepts.

• Most recently the brand as launched Royal House of Savoy, a ground-breaking collaboration, which fuses the basic essentials with high fashion, integrating the novel deconstructed Royal House of Savoy logo. The idea of a a princess / prince for all, an everyday prince and princess that is affordable, fair and a fairly tale brought to life.


The Brand Presents: 

A Basic Line : 
Quality for a fraction of its price. Street, Chic, Casual, Tredy for everyday life you can mix your basic with your own wardrobe as well as other other lines. You will always feel a hipster. Fashion is a feeling within.

A Classic Line : 
Exceptional craftsmanship, a polished look based on a timeless frame of mind. We are proud to launch our first license: Billboard Lifestyle Brand.

A Heritage Line : 
Royal House of Savoy. Designed with HRH Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, with Savoy family coat of arms re-designed by the Prince and Global Intuition team. Mix of sports street wear and high end pieces.