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About Global Intuition


Born in China
Designed between Los Angeles & China
Minimal Soulful Luxury


Global Intuition was Inspired by social media, everyday life, digital philosophy & quotes. An intake in science, meditation, cross cultural & eventful moments  through passive exchanges. Founded by YiZhou, Born in China, Global Intuition™ Inc.  is an apparel company  based in USA. The design team is collaborated in LA & Shanghai. We stand for Minimal, Soulful, Luxury in modern day social media for all citizens who have an awareness for Sustainability & Heritage in adapting in today's evolving culture.


The Brand Represents.....

A Basic Line :  Quality for a fraction of its price.

A Classic Line : Exceptional craftsmanship, a polished look based on a timeless frame of mind.

A Heritage Line : High quality textile, premier designed and curated through an art of expression and preciously self-reliant.