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About Global Intuition


Born in China
Designed between Los Angeles & China
Minimalistic Soulful Luxury


Global Intuition has been created in the social media era. Founded by Yi Zhou, Artist, Filmaker and Influencer. It highlights the importance of female empowerment, freedom, inclusion and diversity in the new era. The brand focuses on the eternity of simple pieces, heritage for our cultures and history, icons of pop culture. With propensity towards contemporary issues such as our environment and the importance of give-back to our societies.

Minimalistic, Soulful, Luxury for All: bridging the gap between Fashion, Intuition & Philanthropy.

Founded by YiZhou, Global Intuition is an apparel company  based in USA. The design team is based in LA & Shanghai. We stand for minimalistic, Soulful, Luxury in modern day social media society creating style for all citizens who have an awareness for Sustainability & Heritage in adapting in today's evolving culture.

Global Intuition is Inspired by social media, everyday life and digital philosophy. An intake in science, meditation, cross cultural & eventful moments promoting exchange, gender equality, female empowerment, inclusion.


The Brand Presents: 

A Basic Line : 
Quality for a fraction of its price. Street, Chic, Casual, Tredy for everyday life you can mix your basic with your own wardrobe as well as other other lines. You will always feel a hipster. Fashion is a feeling within.

A Classic Line : 
Exceptional craftsmanship, a polished look based on a timeless frame of mind. We are proud to launch our first license: Billboard Lifestyle Brand.

A Heritage Line : 
Royal House of Savoy. Designed with HRH Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, with Savoy family coat of arms re-designed by the Prince and Global Intuition team. Mix of sports street wear and high end pieces.