Global Intuition launches new ad in Vogue USA Fall Fashion Issue (Taylor Swift on Cover)

Our Emerging International Fashion Brand has released a new advertisement in the latest installment of Vogue USA Magazine, in their Fall Fashion Issue, out on newsstands now!

The stunning two-page ad inside the magazine, features our  founder, Yi Zhou, who is an influencer, model, brand ambassador, filmmaker and international, multimedia artist in her own right. It features a very minimal, abstract, futuristic artistic direction and design, which speaks to our branding as well as our founder’s artist beginnings, showcasing designer denim from our newly released Basic Line

Asked about our new collection, our founder, Yi Zhou, said, “Global Intuition, is defined as an all-encompassing feeling that is immediately understood. Style is a ‘sixth sense’ and our ‘Shanghai meets LA’ new brand of clothing brand is set to take the world by storm.”

Go find yourself a copy and see our ad on newsstands now or inside the digital magazine online, or the Vogue Magazine App today!


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