Is Digital Fashion the New Wave

A recent article that was published from Forbes Magazine touched on the topic of Digital Fashion and if consumers are spending their money on digital fashion. At first we thought, what in the world is digital fashion? But as the article continued it explained that digital fashion is simply the idea of social media inclined Millennials and Gen Z having the opportunity to purchase a digital outfit. “That way both their fans on Instagram and the wider world would benefit. Strike a pose and save the planet – all at the same time,” says John Bird, contributor for Forbes Magazine.


As our brand is founded upon the digital footprint of social media, we thought that this concept was very interesting and quite intriguing. You simply upload your photo onto a fashion site and you purchase the clothing item you would like to wear and they then, digitize the clothing item onto your original picture using AI technology, and finally sending the photo back for you to post on social media.

Mind blowing right? We want to hear your thoughts on this. Would you purchase a digital outfit for social media? Will digital fashion be the new wave of how we style ourselves. We want to know.

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